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Are we there yet? April 9, 2013

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Saturday 6 April 2013, at the branch apiary:  bees were flying, woodpeckers pecking, & robins fluttered close to rakes, willing us to turn up treats.  Early in the day, we were noisily in the swans’ flight-path, but as the air warmed, they were replaced by a trio of mewling buzzards hunting on  the thermals.

Sunday got me into the garden, planting out shrubs that have been waiting in pots for months.  Over the fence, I heard the clicking purr of frogs calling for mates.  A couple of months late, but it seems they’ve got the right idea.

Then Monday:  the snow still hasn’t thawed under the hedges & the bitter east wind’s back snarling through the trees.  So today’s thermals are full-length and the fabric wicking.  Not that there’s much chance of building up a sweat.

So, is this spring at last, or just another cruel trick of nature?


Waking up with the birds January 15, 2012

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something I like to do in winter is sit by the dining room window, my knees on the radiator, watching the wildlife enjoying the garden as the sun comes up.  I’ll be putting some of these observations on a new page – called “wildlife in the garden & further affield”.  I hope you’ll want to register, comment, & follow the blog.