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Mm-mm April 16, 2012

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My ricotta & my honey.  Delicious.  The ricotta was sweet & creamy on its own, so adding the honey was an added treat.


What do I do with all this whey? April 5, 2012

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I now have about 1 lb 12 oz of feta maturing in the fridge.  Plus about 3l of whey.  Refreshing straight from the fridge.  Slightly tart but not unpleasant.  might take a little getting used to by generations brought up with Coke. Started to research whey uses & frontrunners so far are for making ricotta, Gjetost, and mysost.  These last two  are Norwegian whey cheeses & I’m really tempted.  I managed to buy some many years ago in a specialist chees shop, but haven’t come across it since.  Delicously caramel, because it gets gently boiled for hours, which is the current drawback.  So I’ll store in the fridge for now & think about experimenting with the microwave.

Dulce du leche seems to be whey sweetened with sugar & boiled down.  Another  premium product, but time-consuming.  what about fermented whey?  there are Polish drinks, but I can’t find recipes.  Then I could always use it to make beer.  Or, more like it, perhaps, make wine, although that seems to need some unusual additives.  I think I’m getting somewhere.

Anyone tried?