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I’m back February 1, 2015

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with O2 email broken, felt quite isolated & out of touch all week After contacting O2 on Twitter, finally I can get my main emails again. Today’s combination of O2 & Sky, online text chat & a real, patient, knowledgeable person on the phone sorted it all out. I can now get O2 email on the desktop & also while I’m away from home – a wrinkle I never knew I had access to.

Took a while to work through all those waiting emails, but at least I’m reassured nothing urgent’s been missed. Maybe I need to make more use of this Twitter?


“Julia, Star treatment awaits you at Sky” January 23, 2015

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This is star treatment? . a ‘discontinued service’ message , when I use the number O2 recomends?

TO WHOEVER BELIEVES IN BETTER AT SKY: time to make it better January 23, 2015

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OK: once on the merry-go-round is enough. Sky says not their problem, see O2. O2 says nothing to do with them, see Sky. Nothing moved. No give. this is as bad as the NHS: not my fault, not my problem.  am I really the only customer inherited from O2 with this problem? give me a good reason to keep handing over money every month. do you really have so many customers you can afford to lose a few? Or is this a crude attempt to get me to take your other services?

mobile update June 26, 2013

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Something came right – after further exasperated phone conversations.  The O2 team gave up on trying to help me get old contacts from old chip to new chip & said the only solution was to visit an O2 store.  this was while still trying to fit in holiday preparations around all the other backed-up committments.  So, end of working day, made it into town, only to find when I tried to walk in that the sore had already shut.  Boy, in nanoseconds, I was at Defcon 1.  and then, the most amazing thing happened: a smiling face walked over, let me in, listened to my story & in minutes, sorted the problem.

So big thanks to Noel at O2, Nuneaton

mobile madness June 12, 2013

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I am on the brink of cancelling my new O2  mobile contract if only they would pick up.  45 minutes in a queue & counting.  Hours of frustration.  another company that tells you what you want to hear until they have you hooked.

this new phone has a mini chip, which I asked about & the nice man said no, it didn’t, I could just put old chip into new phone to transfer contacts.

although they knew the old phone  was   failing,  they’ve been sending “helpful” texts to it.

after 24 hours  & 3 calls, got phone working, but not still able to transfer contacts.  Latest advice was to connect to PC & use Nokia Suite software.

connecting phone to PC, it won’t let Windows install it as a device.

the Nokia suite software on the PC has all my contacts in it, but the updated version needed for new phone is now crashing the PC.

O2 helpline basically said that this is not their problem (wrong! who do I have the contact with?) & put me through to a Nokia automated service.  When I didn’t fit their choices, that threw me out & their online support is failing to recognise my Login, but won’t let me use another, as someone already has this number registered. Yes! Its me!

its great to be educated & not have t use swear words:

imbecilic; moronic; money-grabbing;

59 minutes in the queue now

uncaring; bottom-liners, bottom-feeders.

over an hour.  there must be hundreds of people trying to cancel.  this only reinforcing, not getting me to give in.

as for putting the mini chip in, this phone is not for the elderly or anyone with eg a tremor or just unsteady hands.  come to think of it, not sure how anyone with acrilic nails would cope.

this would make a good article – anyone think of a magazine with the right target audience?    intelligent, fairly IT & technology proficient  people with not a lot of spare time on their hands.  ie not a yufe who wants to waste time randomly pressing things to see what happens.

one hour, 11 minutes & they only have to hang on another 44 minutes & the helpline closes.  Meanwhile, I’ll be staying up all night to do all the jobs I can’t do sitting by the PC with the phone plugged into it.

insincere timewasters;

my call is in a queue & will be answered as soon as one of their advisers becomes available.  at least they don’t have the nerve to say my call is important to them.  Clearly its not.  nor those of other contract holders if they can’t even staff the helpline adequately.

one hour, 22 minutes.  helpline closes in 33 minutes.  I think they’re going to make it.

WHAT IS SO DIFFICULT HERE?  do they really have so many customers, they don’t care about losing them?  are we really not worth the effort?  what happened to job satisfaction?  an hour 31 minutes & I have to switch the lights on to see the keyboard.

haven’t mentioned their choice of music here – helping with the winding up.  my one conversation is that this call is ar least going via my mobile and SHOULD BE FREE – IT BETTER BE.  earlier calls when the mobile wasn’t working were 5p a minute.  beginning to see how O2 makes its money?    they have my broadband contract too – or did until they sold it to Sky.  Was that to concentrate on core business?  if so, its not working.

14 minutes until the helpline closes.  now I have to stay on the phone to see what happens.  tired, thirsty, dissatisfied,

well! one hour 46 minutes in & a man with a difficult accent says yes, he will put me through to customer services bur can’t deal himself.  customer srvices says he doesn’t have the ansewr & can’t try Nokia careline as it shut at 7pm & doesn’t open until 9am.  give me one good reason not to cancel, ironing calling!  and i haven’t resorted to a single expletive.  think i prefer one of those big old mobiles – the sort you could use as a doorstop and  defensive weapon too – this one’s good for nothing.  Smart?  where smart?  how smart? who smart?