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my brilliant brave daughter May 31, 2013

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Sarah & Esther have clocked up hundreds of miles of paddling training, just getting ready for their 440 mile canoe race down the Yukon – now less than a month away.  their blog is at http://bearlyscared.blogspot.co.uk/  the race page is at http://www.yukonriverquest.com/ with a link to the race tracker via on board transponder.   in the wilderness, there tends not to be a mobile signal.

hope there’s enough water by then – on 12 May, the Yukon was still frozen!

Don’t think there’ll be many Alderman Smith Old Girls who’ve tried this.

frozen river

Frozen Yukon, 12 May 2013


How far from White Horse to Dawson City? January 27, 2013

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Sarah’s already preparing for her next big adventure: in June, she & Esther are canoeing the Yukon River Quest.  Only the world’s longest canoe race.  Over three days.  Last year, relay swimming the channel, this year, practically Alaska.  This would be feat enough without the bears, moose & wolverines,  paddling through the midnight sun towards meltwater.  You can follow the  blog of their preparations.