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The  snails (Helix Aspersa Maxima)  have been here almost two weeks & already growing & trying “solid food” .  This morning, I found ragged holes in yesterday’s baby salad leaf – carefully chosen from the packet they are sharing with me.

They live in a plant propagator in the kitchen window, carefully shielded from direct sunlight.  Every day, they get a fine water-misting and a sprinkle of baby-snail food.  I’m planning to take more photos soon, but right now, they seem a little too fragile to nudge about.

30 August: the first baby snails hatched aroud mid July.  You can see how tiny they are compared to the text.  Since then, they’re shooting up & scooting around, and two other batches of eggs have hatched since.  Batch 4, looking like tiny pearls, were laid a week ago.   I’ll be looking for homes for batch 1 now, as well as a source of lump chalk (real out-of-the-ground rock) for them to sharpen their radulae.



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