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Crafty Me

This will have some examples of crafts, crafting & craft fairs past. 

felt tree decorations

TRee decorations ready to sewMonday 7 November - Felt Tree Decorations: I'm making mini-stockings, trees, birds & fishes with a mixture of machine sewing & hand-embroidery & sequins anywhere I can get away with. we like our Christmas tree to look unlike any other & we have some lovingly hand-crafted heirlooms which come out every year. Saturday 12 November - Doodle Craft Fair, Nuneaton : A regular turnover of visitors & good friends to gossip with. beeswax polish, lipbalm, handcream etcI now have a corner for the smellies - lip balm, hand-cream, lavender honey salt scrub, even furniture polish. I love the scents here. You can just see the candle-rolling kits here too. New honey soaps for the Southam Fair on 18 November. fashion accessoriesYou can just make out the red fun fur boa & the pink & blue fluffy scarves with a slot to keep them round your neck in the wind. Fiddly yarn to use - if you can't remember where you are in the pattern, its hard to work out for all the fluff. jams, jellies, sauce, chutney, honey

 Mostly from my allotment & friends allotment, theres more details on the yummy stuff page.  I sold out of honey here, but have bottled up some more for the next show.  Also replenished the rich mincemeat & spiced apple butter.  But if you’re after the plum sauce, you need to get in quick. 

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