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Julia & camelliaI’m really excited about having made the choice to leave full-time FE after 25 years & to develop a range of income streams which I will enjoy & fit with my Weltanschauung.  I’m looking forward to all manner of opportunities – some I’ve already paved the way for & some still to reveal themselves. 

This is as far away from retirement as you can get, because just thinking about it is generating waves of energy.  I’ve never felt so in control of my life & my life choices.  Very Invictus.  So although I don’t expect to be spending lots of time in slippers & easy chair, it won’t feel like work.  This will be generating income from what – until now – have been pleasurable hobbies & pastimes for stolen moments. 

So I’m expanding the writing & developing freelance opportunities, as well as the beekeeping & allotmenteering.  I will be selling the girls’ honey as well as jams & preserves from allotment produce – and bartering my finished produce for your  glut too, if you have any. 

I’ll also be taking the hive products & making soaps & lotions & so on.  Then there’s the other craft skills I enjoy, so I’ll be heading for farmers’ markets & craft fairs.  As well as making presentations about the bees to local groups, so I’ll be pleased to hear of any opportunities you spot. 

Collecting swarms of bees from all sorts of tricky locations has reminded me how flexible,  adaptable, innovative & strategic I am, so I’m looking for a goodly range of different, fun, exciting & challenging opportunities – try me. 

I’ll be doing some things for love as well as others for money.  Like the bee talks & possibly getting in touch with organisations like National Trust & BTCV

I can’t leave friends feeling too envious, so I’ll be sharing some of the pitfalls as well as the pleasures & hopefully, leaving enough clues to smooth your path when it’s your turn.

Don’t be surprised if there’s no new posts every now & then – it means I’m out there doing stuff I’ll want to share with you in quieter moments.  Please enjoy & join in.



1. Mai Hurley-Bett - March 3, 2013

Hi Dawn, I can’t seem to find any contact details for you. I found your blog and noticed you have done the Napton Craft Fairs and I wanted to let you know I am holding a Craft Fair at the Blue Lias on Saturday April 6th, 2013. If you are interested please email me – maihrly@yahoo.co.uk . Kindest Regards, Mai

2. mn50@hotmail.co.uk - March 14, 2014

Julia, I think it is ‘my turn’ right here right now. For those quiet moments of contemplation and refuge, I might be able to furnish you with a serene haven on-line space. You will be hearing from me, namaste – Mark

3. dawnshifter - March 15, 2014

Good to hear from you Mark. I look forward to your thoughts

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