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Shepherd Stocktaking October 16, 2015

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Rooks are out gossiping

On the greening red soil

Where winter wheat’s coming.

Down ’ere, pheasant’s craking.

Yan,    tan.


Elderberries, rowan,

Drooping fat. Yellow leaves

Rippling, dribbling down.

Whispers of wind stir birds.

Tether mether.


Year’s coming round agen.

Nice dry day, I’ll dip em.

Get rid o’their burden

O’ ticks. Bloodsucking things.

Pip, azer.


Soon time to run tups in.

I’ve good strong lads, strong backs

And legs at each corner.

That’s ‘ow we breed ‘em up ‘ere.

Sezzer, akker.


Got to earn their keep up ‘ere.

Pay back fer the bad years

When snows come late, and cut

life-cord of still-wet lambs.

Conter, dick.


And bloodsucking buyers

Cut lamb wi’ horsemeat,

And still pay less deadweight.

Buzzards keen overhead.

Yanadick, tanadick.


Yon lambs had my nights’ sleep.

Pulling ‘em out, rubbing

Life into their bodies.

Gettin’ yows to give suck.

Tetheradick, metheradick.


The young ‘uns might gambol

And jostle fer hayrack,

But there’s bin no time

Ter stand and savour.

Bumfit, yanabum.

As spring turned to summer

I’ve checked ‘em fer footrot,

Seen the lot of ‘em sheared,

And cleaned their bums o’ maggits.

Tanabum, tetherabum.


The whole flock’s right gradely

And there’s hay in the yard.

I’ve med it come good agen.

Reckon I’ll do one year more.

Metherabum, jigget. Mark.



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