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Our Bonfire Night November 8, 2013

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burnt out garage

burnt out garage

SAM_0355 SAM_0369







Not what we were planning.  But we’re all OK physically & the initial agitation has subsided.

Fire service put this down to a stray firework  – there’s a hole in the roof I can’t capture because we’ve been advised not to go inside until roof is brought down.  We were without ring mains electricity for best part of a day, but things are coming right, now.

After an initial hiccup, Saga insurance issues progressing well.  Not so good from Churchill.  although I have now got a small car on loan, so was able to get into town for new yard brush, wellies, bin bags, carpet protector.

the first morning, I carried Tinker up to the lawn – too much broken glass for his liking and his emergency litter tray was in the garage, of course. He’s being really good about it now, but doesn’t know about wiping his feet on the way in.

So, writing time has now been taken over by researching costs for lost property.  I have decided not to give up on the novel, I’ve already made a commitment to it. So I’ll be aiming to get a few words down each day to keep it fresh in my mind while the more pressing stuff gets the lion’s share of the time.  thanks for kind thoughts & advice.



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