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Climbing Everest without the sweat October 18, 2013

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NaNoWriMo from  a distance of 13 days already feels like climbing Everest without the sweat.  I’ve not yet reached base camp, but I’m already fighting fears of failure:  running out of the oxygen of ideas, getting the protagonist stuck down a crevasse, left for dead by antagonists.  Running out of supplies before reaching the top.

Realistically  no shortage of ideas, but I have that Plasticine feeling.  You know when you unwrap the cellophane off a new packet of Plasticine:  the bright rainbow furrows lined up next to each other, beautiful & promising, until you remember the time when you started off like this, & next day came back to the hard, cold, misshapen muddy coloured lump.

But one thing I don’t plan to do much of, is writing about writing.  Partly because selfishly, I want to devote the time to the real writing rather than meta-writing.  Partly because I’m not sure how hard I’ll be living the dream:  my protagonist will be having some good times, but some reversals too, and there’s at least 1 really bad man in there, so not all sweetness & light – which is how it should be, if anyone is ever to bother reading it.  So between fears of not entertaining & enthralling, & fears for getting my heroine out unbowed, I’m not sure if my real courage will shine through on the page all the way.  uplifting messages will always be welcomed, if not replied to.





1. Tim Jones - October 22, 2013

Good luck! I’m too chicken to attempt NaNoWriMo at this stage, so huge pat on the back and a slab of Kendal Mint cake slapped in your hand to help you reach base camp.

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