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home mades September 3, 2013

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the kitchen is blooping – there are 2 demijohns of blackcurrant & redcurrant melomel  fizziing, and now, two demijohns of blackberry melomel frothing away.  If you’ve never heard the airlocks on  bubbling wine, blooping is about as close as I can get – 4 jars, all to their own rhythmn & musical note.

melomel is mead made with fruit, or fruit wine made with honey, depending on how you look at it.  The colours are gorgeous.  A new favourite is home-made creme de menthe –  sweet like a liqueur, and aromatically sinus-clearing.  Found the recipe for this on the Two Thirsty Gardeners blog, which I’m going to plunder shamelessly for ideas.  Hoping to don pictures, but getting the PC back up & running is the real priority.

wine making takes a lot less time than standing over a bubbling Maslin pan making jams & chutneys, but I did do that last week – beetroot & apple chutney & runner bean chutney both standing by.

To take the pressure off the freezer, I’m thinking of salting some runner beans away – I remember enjoying the making & eating as a child & have bought a huge tub of salt ready.  The topping & tailing & slicing might just be something to do in front of the TV when I have a night in.



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