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Papering the study wall May 31, 2013

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I’ve had some pleasing successes recently: as well as continuing to paper the study wall with certificates, I have two trophies on the sideboard & a third to join them very soon.

I put a magazine article in Nuneaton Festival of Arts & it came first in its class with the Stella Branston Trophy.  Then of four poems entered, one won its class & was awarded the Albert F Cross  as best across the poetry classes.  the other three poems gained certificates of merit.

there’s a weird coincidence as my grandfather was Albert Cross.  I’ve found references to this Albert’s poetry, but not been able to track down any copies yet.

We got the results of Nuneaton Writers Circle Poetry competition, and with it another first – the second year running.  I’m trying competitions a bit further afield now.

my only regret is that if I add the poems to the blog, they are considered published, which limits what i might be able to do with them in the future.

for the first time ever, I entered a felting-embellished machine-embroidered collage in the textile class of Nuneaton Festival of Arts & was pleased to get a certificate of merit for so early a piece of work.  Hopefully, when that returns from exhibition at the museum, I can add a photograph.

these certificates join others in the past 2 years of semi-retirement from the World Marmalade  Awards, UK Real Jam Competition, and a couple from the National Honey Show.

all these years of missed opportunities – I have to stick to Carpe Diem now.



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