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my brilliant brave daughter May 31, 2013

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Sarah & Esther have clocked up hundreds of miles of paddling training, just getting ready for their 440 mile canoe race down the Yukon – now less than a month away.  their blog is at http://bearlyscared.blogspot.co.uk/  the race page is at http://www.yukonriverquest.com/ with a link to the race tracker via on board transponder.   in the wilderness, there tends not to be a mobile signal.

hope there’s enough water by then – on 12 May, the Yukon was still frozen!

Don’t think there’ll be many Alderman Smith Old Girls who’ve tried this.

frozen river

Frozen Yukon, 12 May 2013



1. maureen eyles - May 31, 2013

I once did white water rafting in the Canadian Rockies and am so envious. How I would love to do what she is doing unfortunately I bet they don’t accept 81 year olds.

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