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when is midnight? April 30, 2013

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I know when zero hundred hours is, but is midnight before or after midday?  does midnight come at the end or the beginning of the day? Or both?   does it matter? you ask.  Well it has recently.  more on this when I get some   feedback.  Opinions are as welcome as referenced “official” answers.


1. Tim Jones - May 6, 2013

Well, the very conundrum you allude to is very useful magically, as this is officially a liminal time i.e. a time between times, both midday and midnight. Also twilight and traditionally the whole of the twelve days of Yule. There are also liminal places, for example: bridges – which are neither land nor water.

Whether you believe in such stuff or not, the unanswerable nature of the question a useful property.

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