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Christmas begins September 4, 2012

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I’ve started off some Bramble Gin – thanks, Chris, for the recipe.  A whole litre of gin.  I’m looking forward to a warming rosy glow – both inside  the bottle & inside of me – but for now, its maturing inside plastic flasks, so isn’t much to look at.  Still,  it has much promise.  You can make this with just blackberries, but I’ve added a few raspberries to this one. It also has bay leaves & cloves in, which smelt gorgeous as I was grinding them up with the sugar. The sort of job you don’t mind taking a little while.  I look forward to describing the flavour in two or three months.  Not been much a of a year for fruit, but the blackberries seem to be doing well on the allotment.

I’m thinking of saving some of the elderflower champagne for Christmas too.  It makes its own bubbles in the bottle & is ready to drink after a couple of weeks, when the alcohol content is minimal.  However rather than usingit  up as a refeshing summer drink,  I may just hang onto it & see what a few months does for it.



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