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Sarah in Jubilee Pageant June 5, 2012

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I am very proud of Sarah kayaking her way through the Jubilee Pageant on the Thames.  Their kayaking started at 9.30 am when 70 kayaks left Shadwell Basin to paddle to their muster point upriver.  You can see her on BBC i-player about 27 minutes in.  Sarah paddling CustardThis is her overtaking boats with more people power.  Yellow kayak, pink baseball cap.  They were threatened with being taken off if they couldn’t keep the 4 knot pace.  In fact, some kayakers did so much overtaking, they caught up with Gloriana at the front.   Sarah wasn’t far behind.  Her escort boat clocked her at 4.4 knots.  That’s pretty fit!  In September, she is in a relay team swimming the channel & then next June, has booked to kayak over 400miles in US in three days with not much sleep.  Sarah overtaking bigger boats Sarah’s friend caught the shots & I downloaded them from Sarah’s Facebook page, where there’s more.  Go girl!



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