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Edible Garden Show March 19, 2012

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I went to the Edible Garden Show this weekend.   Thoroughly enjoyed.  Especially picked up some useful suggestions  from James Wong for exotic crops which grow easily in the UK & cost so much more to buy in the shops.

I’ll be searching for suppliers as soon as I can, but I’m already off to a good start, thanks to Sarah:  my Mother’s Day gift from Wiggly Wigglers  – a truffle tree .  Also treated myself to a kit for growing pearl mushrooms.  If this succeeds, you can look forward to much more on them.

My real prize, though, was a kit to breed edible snails.  I’ll be setting up a new page to record their progress as soon as I can.  Currently there are six baby snails.  I think I could fit all six together on my thumbnail.  In six months, they should be up to breeding – or eating – stage.

baby edible snails

baby edible snails



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