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Success! October 31, 2011

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An amazing week, topped off with a second place at the National Honey Show.  Slide 12 in this presentation shows my display of produce with honey or beeswax.  I’m really pleased & proud, as this is the first time I have exhibited anywhere, so straigt in at second for a national show is a real achievement.  I’ve got some catching up to do now I’m back home, as lst week was totally devoted to the show, but I’ll be blogging some more about last week soon.

Honey Show 2011

My display of home-produced products



1. Phillip Benson - October 31, 2011

Well done, Julia! You can have a day off, now …

2. Sarah Wallis - October 31, 2011

No – don’t allow her to have a day off – we need a full scale apple butter production centre

3. dawnshifter - October 31, 2011

Tomorrow, I’m invited to Little Irchester to pick medlars. I now have recipes for medlar jam, jelly, cheese, wine & tart. Most start with “first, blet your medlars …”

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