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The great outdoors October 25, 2011

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Spent Saturday at the allotment.  Very peaceful.  A brisk breeze brushed the sky clear of clouds & the buzzard looped lazily.  I cleared the tree of apples, just leaviung a few for the birds.  WEll, any creatures really.  Not wasps, you understand.  Still really unhappy about the way they robbed our honey & killed so many of the girls doing it.  TReated myself to an apple-picking pole before I left work.  Never been happy with heights or ladders.  AS I manouvered the pole up through the branches & tugged & twisted when it snagged, I got a good idea where to prune.  Not sure when – but not whilst there’s so many leaves surviving.   

Harvested salad & beans & some tomatoes.  Leaving a few tomatoes in the polytunnel in the hope that the frost stays clear a little longer.  Ripped off several leaves from the tomato plants, to get more light through to the fruit.  the acrid sap fills the greenhouse & stains my fingers a neon green. 

tidied up the soft fruit patch too.  I have a small curved sawtoothed tool from China & it’ so efficient at ripping down the dried grass.  AS soon as I started seeing the effcet of a few minutes work, I just had to finish the job before I left.  Started well wrapped up & protected from the flag-shredding gusts, but three layers later, I was down to bare arms.



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