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Mirror writing, National Honey Show Display of Home -Produced Products October 25, 2011

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Bought a decal sheet for the printer.  Print on the shiny stuff, then fiddle and transfer on plastic foil to tins etc that can’t take conventional labels.  Only to find the artwork has to be reversed.  Spent ages online reversing the labels line by line – below.  Only to find out that when you hold it up to a mirror, the letters are in reverse order, but still the wrong way round.  Lucky I didn’t print yet, as I only have a single sheet.   


hsiloP erutinruF


.xaw abuanrac ,xawseeb ,enitneprut 

a htiw ylgniraps ylppA  :esu ot woH a ot ffo hsilop neht ,htolc eerf-tnil .htolc naelc a htiw ,enihs hgih

and I did the lot before I realised, laboriously, painstakingly, line by line.  Grr – looks like a nessun dorma night, I’m falling more & more behind.  Still have the display stand to finish, rosehip syrup to strain & re-bottle… Before I can think about baking & packing



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