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Boozy Jam & giveaways October 10, 2011

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Went down to WI Jam Festival   yesterday, as I had 3 entries in.  Out of 20, I got a 15, a 17, and a 19, which I’m pleased with and now have a better idea what they’re after.  My 19 was for Boozy Jam –Plum and Damson, with raspberry liqueur.  The winner got 20 and there was only 1 other with 19 as far as I could  see.  So if they had made awards beyond first prize, I would have been joint runner-up.  Now, here’s your chance of a freebie:  My  three jars were all opened for a tiny tasting at the WI.  They are now home in the fridge & need using up in about 3 weeks or so.  The first 3 people to make arrangements to meet locally  or collect get a choice of :

boozy jam, redcurrant jelly or damson jam with star anise

so either comment, or email   (try via the web site)  to reserve yours!


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